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What Happens When Your Car Hits that Pot Hole?

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The recent snow is taking a toll, on some cars throughout the area.  Repair shops are working hard, to get affected drivers back on the road.

Erie News Now spoke with the crew at Dias Spring Services on W.12th Street to see how the snow is impacting business.

For Ken Dias and his crew, a day normally as slow as molasses in winter is suddenly gaining pace.

"We've had a couple vehicles come in with flat tires.” Said Dias “Knocked the tire off the bead, we had another truck come in, he slid off the road, and he went up and hit a curb, hit an embankment there and we fixed that."

And that's just the beginning, as the record snowfall in Erie has contributed to rough road conditions that are causing the streets to become bumpy.

Those bumps can seriously bend a car's wheel, and damage the tire.

And for some drivers, other car problems may not rear their heads until after the snow is gone.

‘When it's cold weather like this, leaf springs in pickup trucks, they don't like that sudden change where it was 40 degrees last week, and 16 today. “said Dias “And when it's cold like that and the roads are this rough, it really plays havoc on the suspension on vehicles. We suspect, in the next month or so, we're gonna see a lot of suspension damages."

Until then, Dias and his staff are ready for any repair.

"If you hit a curb or a pot hole then, we can take care of that immediately. “ said Dias “That's something, we can, straighten rims. Which, when pot hole season comes out, we do eight to 10 rims a day, and straighten them."

Dias tells Erie News Now, he doesn't anticipate the heavy traffic to pick up again until around April, that's around the time he says the spring will start to have issues.

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