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Millcreek Strategizes Snowfall Plan

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In Millcreek Township, first responders today came together, to plan for the incoming snow.

The township's Emergency Management Department and State Police, among other agencies met to brief each other on their response to the previous record snowfall.

They also met to talk strategies on how to better prepare for this weekend's projected snow.

The main concerns deal with roof collapses, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Emergency Management Coordinator for Millcreek Township Matt Exley says, the town is working hard to keep people safe, but there are ways that residents can help to make that burden a much easier one to handle.

"We wanna make sure that you're safe, beyond anything else. So, make sure, one of the common things we're seeing is Carbon Monoxide calls from heating vents being blocked, get out there and dig those out. “said Exley “If you have elderly folks in the neighborhood, do what Millcreek is best at, help your neighbors. Our community is great, and bands together at times like this, so help your neighbors out, help folks get dug out. And that way, when the snow does come, it's not as big of a deal."

Not only can you shovel out cars and driveways, but Exley also encourages residents to help dig out fire hydrants.

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