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Erie City Council Expected to Vote Wednesday on Boosting the Cost of Parking Tickets

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Erie City Council this week will consider boosting the cost of parking tickets.

If approved, money from each ticket will help fund a planned modernization of the entire parking system in the city.

If council gives its approval, parking tickets for overdue meters would jump from $10 to $15.

Tickets for parking in front of a fire hydrant and other violations would increase from $25 to $30.

And penalties for long term overdue tickets would also go up.

Plus, meters would be in use starting at 8 am rather an 9 am.

The parking authority will get $3 from each ticket paid after July 1.

The money to help implement a new system allowing drivers to use cell phones or credit cards in addition to quarters.

But the idea is to start out small.

Erie Parking Authority Executive Director Ray Massing said, :"Trying to implement everything at once is not a good idea. I have seen authorities around the state try to do it all at once, it could be a catastrophe. So we are going to try to get it going. You have to start somewhere."

The authority also plans to use $300,000 of its own funds to begin putting the new system in place.

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